Join Hynca

Your membership benefits include:

  • Meeting lots of new and longtime residents and business owners in Historic Ybor City at meetings, socials, and community service events.
  • Notification about local events, meetings, crime alerts and other important items.
  • Voting in regular and special meetings about issues that affect you and control the destiny of Ybor City including:
  • neighborhood improvements (street signs, lighting, roads, sidewalks, parking),
  • land use issues (future residential, commercial, industrial development),
  • urban design issues (historic preservation, pedestrian friendliness, parks),
  • crime and other disturbances.
  • Supporting activities and committees that help keep the neighborhood stable and desirable.
  • Volunteer opportunities to help our residents.
  • A sense of civic pride, community belonging, and accomplishment.

P O Box 76416
Tampa FL 33675
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